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Crossword Twist (Linux)

Play Crosswords on your computer! Get three fun and unique Crossword games in one, Fill-in
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26 February 2010

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Linux users have always been a secluded lot, enjoying their time in a rarified operating system environment when the whole world has been going bonkers over Windows. No doubt such perseverance has its costs and at times decent games for Linux OS are hard to come by. Now if you have explored different games for your Linux system and have an eye for crosswords then you do need to explore Crossword Twist (Linux) 1.0 application. The game boasts of potent mind challenges that are likely to test your faculties to the limit and avid crossword players are likely to find game a treat.

The application on launch sports a colorful interface that is likely to appeal to players of all ages. The controls are fairly easy to get used to and within minutes one can get to the task of creating words. The main menu options are placed on the right side of the screen while on the left pane the hints to the crossword items appear. For the un-initiated, we can say that the program is quite helpful in giving hints and novice crossword players would simply love it. One of the most unique facts of the game is that it also challenges you to uncover hidden numbers. Now if you have ever had a passing interest in cryptography then these game give you challenge that you will like to savor. Of course finding these hidden numbers is unlikely to be easy and one needs to use all their wits to dig them out.

Crossword Twist (Linux) 1.0 earns a decent score of four rating points for its overall ease of play and extensive levels. The game is likely to go down well with people looking to spend time over their systems in an intellectually engaging manner.

Publisher's description

Play Crosswords on your computer! Get three fun and unique Crossword games in one! These are the three games you can enjoy in Crossword Twist. Fill-In: The good old favorite! Match words across and down the puzzle. Jigsaw: Crosswords with a twist! Match the words by solving a jigsaw puzzle. Cipher: For the decryption expert in you! Decipher the numbers to find the hidden letters. Features over 100 levels, an intuitive and easy to use interface and no time-limit pressure.
Crossword Twist (Linux)
Crossword Twist (Linux)
Version 1.0
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